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Visual Communications

Give your business communications the edge with video conferencing systems, cameras and infrastructure products by Sony. Unite everyone in your organisation with multi-point virtual meetings in Full HD with crisp sound. Effortlessly share video, voice and PC presentations across remote sites. Stream or record video conferences for easy sharing.

Communication. Anytime. Anywhere.

The new SRG-300SE visual imaging camera from Sony brings you clarity and adaptability – no matter where you are in the world.


5 key trends in visual communications

The new course of Visual Communications is to offer organizations of all sizes a cost effective solution tailored around their needs.


Meetings on the move

Wherever there's a wireless network you're all ready to connect with colleagues using the PCS-XC1.


Medical professionals can teach remote students in real time

PSC-XC1 system is ideal for use in a range medical teaching enviroments


Stream live and record with the SRG-300SE remotely controlled camera

The SRG-300SE is a remotely operated PTZ camera...


View-DR and XDNR for videoconferences

Two unique Sony technologies that give a clear picture of everyone in a videoconference, lecture theatre or presentation.


Streaming and recording with Sony visual communication systems

Include the capability to send video to hundreds of users at once and to record video conference calls.