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Parapet mount bracket

Product Image

White parapet mount bracket

Sony's UNIRMB1 Parapet Mount Bracket (White) for the SNC-FDP8C2/SY is designed to mount your dome-enclosed SNC-RZ30N network camera on a roof parapet. The angled head extends 28.38-inch (72.09 cm) horizontally and rises 22.19-inch (56.36 cm) above the mounting bracket. It can even extend further if you buy custom lengths of standard 1.5-inch (3.81 cm) NPT threaded pipe. The UNIRMB1 has a white finish. Its convenient design lets you easily swing the dome back over the roof for servicing, then out again when done.

  • Mount on parapets

    This specialised mount is angled so you can easily mount security cameras on roof top parapets.

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