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2,000 lumens 4K SXRD Ultra Short Throw Laser Light Source projector

4K, laser light source and ultra-short throw capabilities designed for a range of B2B and commercial applications

The VPL-GTZ1’s imaging technology combines Sony’s proven 4K SXRD™ with a laser phosphor light source. The result is 2,000 lumens colour brightness and superb picture quality. The projector can throw high-resolution images up to approximately 147-inches (3.7m) diagonal and zoom down to 66-inches (1.7m)*, achieved by respective 6.7-inch and zero inch (170mm ~ zero) distance** from screen, across onto any white plane surface. The ultra-short throw will allow you to stand closer to the screen which will be beneficial for presentation application and also, being able to check details of the 4K image at closer distance without shading off the image. Its stylish, ‘blend-in’ design fits nearly any installation environment, and a low fan noise ensures quiet operation that won’t disrupt user’s experience. The projector’s flexible installation and operation allows it to be floor-standing, ceiling-mounted or used for rear projection. Users can blend*** multiple projectors and a quick turn on/off feature is convenient for a wide range of applications.

Like Sony’s other laser light source projectors, the VPL-GTZ1 can deliver an expected 20,000 hours of operation without the need for a lamp exchange. This translates to substantial savings in time and money, reducing the costs normally associated with bulb replacement.

* When projecting in 17:9 format
** Measurement from screen to edge of width the product
*** Blending requires 3rd party software.

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