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PEQ-C130 (Vision Exchange™): Interactive presentation and active learning solution

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Present and share content to inspire and engage teams with workgroup-based collaboration PEQ-C130 (Vision Exchange) brings together students, lecturers and presenters in a workgroup-based collaborative environment. Cost-effective, easy to configure and intuitive for every user, this total active learning solution is ideal for universities and colleges of higher education as well as corporate conference rooms.

PEQ-C130 (Vision Exchange) lets teams and presenters brainstorm and work collaboratively by sharing each individual's multimedia content together - even bringing in other participants at remote locations to join the discussion as required and share these local contents more seamlessly/effectively than ever before.

Students or teams can work collaboratively in small independent workgroups or clusters connecting wirelessly to the platform via their own laptops, tablets or smartphone devices*1. Information created by workgroups using on-screen annotation tools or whiteboard with digital tag can then be saved as snapshots and downloaded to their connecting device.

With active learning license, it's easy for students to 'mirror' their devices and share content with other groups in the room or on the main presentation screen via simple drag-and-drop gestures under the lecturer's control.

Video collaboration can be added as a software license, not only just allowing workgroups to connect with other sites using standards-based traditional videoconference systems, but offers powerful way to share any of the input sources (wirelessly sent images, HDMI images)*2 with annotation overlayed or whiteboard images.

Also with streaming output license, the main view image can also be streamed to a central server for lecture capture recording or live distribution.

*1 Windows 7, 8 and 10 are supported. macOS, iOS and Android OS to be supported.
*2 HDCP content cannot be shared to the remote side.

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