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Network System Manager Software

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Controls video routing with NU-IP40S/NU-IP40D Medical IP Converters

With four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K imaging allows medical staff to view video images from surgery and other clinical procedures with enhanced resolution, contrast and colour accuracy.

NU-NM11B Network System Manager software controls Sony NU-IP40S/NU-IP40D Medical IP Converters that convert 4K surgical video images from endoscopic cameras, surgical microscopes and other modalities to IP for streaming and sharing across hospital networks.

The NU-NM11B manages the routing of outputs from multiple connected picture sources to selected video monitors. It also features an API (Application Programming Interface), allowing integration with a general-purpose OR controller.

Thumbnail images are automatically created from modalities connected to the IP Converter and sent to the OR controller.

The Network System Manager sets the RS-232C mode of an IP Converter to 'active', enabling it communicate with connected AV devices.

Network System Manager can detect if a cable fails or is disconnected, switching to the remaining cable and sending an alert to the OR controller and contributing to greater safety during surgical procedures.

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NU-IP40D/IP40S & NU-NM11B Brochure

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