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Space-saving two-piece camera offers HD image quality and convenient integration with modern medical modality devices.

This two-piece HD colour video camera consists of a light, compact camera head and separate CCU (Camera Control Unit). The complete system is designed for convenient integration with medical modality equipment such as slit lamps and surgical microscopes.

High quality image reproduction is enabled by latest-generation Exmor™ CMOS sensor technology, offering improved low-light sensitivity compared with traditional equivalent-sized image sensors.

Brightness and colour can be easily adjusted from the CCU front panel, while workflow is further enriched with a range of useful imaging features and shooting modes. Customised picture profiles can be stored and recalled instantly, reducing time-consuming set-up between procedures.

The complete camera system can optionally be controlled from an external host device such as a computer. In addition, the camera head can be sited as far as 20m from the CCU (requires optional cables) for greater operational and integration flexibility.

Full HD video images can be viewed on a connected monitor (not included), or recorded for subsequent sharing and analysis with a suitable video recorder such as the Sony HVO-3300MT.

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