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Three 2/3-inch Power HAD FX CCD sensors portable HD / SD camera for digital triax operation

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Excellent picture quality for High Definition production over digital triax

The HSC-100R incorporates digital triax technology and is equipped with sophisticated 16-bit A/D conversion circuitry as well as superb three 2/3-inch CCDs to bring out a high level of picture quality over conventional digital triax infrastructures. The camera also has a built-in high-quality down-convertor for superior SD images, as standard.

  • Optical Low Pass Filter for HDC/HSC Series Cameras

    In cases where a HDC/HSC Series camera's built-in electrical LED Wall Filter does not fully reduce the moiré caused by some LED walls, the optional Optical Low Pass Filter (OLP) will help further reduce the moiré effect (Parts number: 1-856-731-21).

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