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Software License for the PWS-4500 live server.

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Software License for the PWS-4500 live server.

The PWSL-HF45 is the software license of high frame rate (HFR) Software with the PWS-4500 live server. Installing PWSL-HF45 in the PWS-4500 allows you to record video signals at high frame rates in the PWS-4500. Signals recorded at a high frame rate can be played back as smooth slow motion video. The high frame rates supported depends on the connected cameras.

  • Adding HD HFR (4x, 6x and 8x) capability to the PWS-4500 server

  • Adding 4K HFR (2x) capability to the PWS-4500 in combination with the PWSL-HR45 Software

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Compatible Products

  • PWS-4500


    4K / HD multi-port AV storage unit for IP network