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Short-depth Media Gateway Workstation

Controls 4K and HD file transfers to and from the PWS-4500

The PWS-110MG1 is a short-depth 1U rack-mount server with pre-installed PWA-MGW1 Media Gateway Software. It allows you to archive recorded files from the PWS-4500 server to removable media such Professional HDD, Sony’s Optical Disc Archive or to NAS external media. Additionally, you can retrieve files from removable media to the PWS-4500 server. Other available features include chase transfer, check-in to Non-Linear Editing (NLE) and material previews.

  • Lighter, shorter version of PWS-100MG1

    The PWS-110MG1 is the short-depth version of the PWS-100MG1. The PWS-110MG1 chassis is 130mm / 5 1/4 inches shorter and 3.8 kg / 8lb lighter.

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