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4K / HD multi-port AV storage unit

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The PWS-4400 system is one of the key elements of Sony’s next-generation 4K/HD live production solution

With the capability to record images in highly-efficient XAVC/Avid DNxHD®* recording format, flexible I/O configurations, HFR recording capability, intuitive user interface for professional operators in the industry and many more, it can create an efficient slow replay server system that could be used in live sporting events for both 4K and HD infrastructures.

The PWS-4400 replay server system consists of 4 products – the PWS-4400 Multi Port AV Storage Unit (as a recording deck), the PWSK-4403 USB Control Device (as a control panel with a jog shuttle and a fader lever), the PWS-100PR1 Production Control Station (Workstation that runs production application software), and the PWS-100MG1 Media Gateway Station (Workstation that transfers files).

The PWS-4400 system has been evolving by ongoing software version upgrades, with the newest software V1.4 (available from May 2015), featuring enhancements such as HFR recording capability up to HD 480/400p and 4K/HD simultaneous recording and transcoding capability between XAVC and XDCAM MPEG2**.

Moreover, the new associated Window’s 8 PC running application software, the PWA-RCT1 Recording Control Software, which can trigger rec/stop/play/file transfer from a PC would add operational flexibility to the PWS-4400 so that it could be offered as an easy-to-use multi-port 4K/HD production recorder for wider variety of production usages.

* Requires V1.2 or above and the PWA-CD401 Optional Codec
** Requires V1.4 and the PWA-MGW1B Video Transcode Option to the PWS-100MG1 Media Gateway Station

  • Supporting both XAVC and Avid DNxHD®

    * Requires V1.2 or above and PWA-CD401 optional codec

  • Flexible I/O configuration

    4 channels 4K & QFHD
    8 channels 2K & HD (1080 or 720)

  • Improved slow motion capabilities

    Working with the HDC-4300 camera recording up to HD480/400P (8x slow motion HD)

    * Requires Version 1.4.

  • Simultaneous 4K and HD recordings*

    The PWS-4400 can record 4K and HD simultaneously, giving you the option of using the HD as a proxy.

    * Requires Version 1.4.

  • Transcoding Capability between XAVC and XDCAM MPEG2 files

    The PWS-4400 working with the PWS100MG1 Media Gateway Workstation allows you to transcode XAVC to and from XDCAM MPEG2 MXF for accessing media stored on USB Hard Drive, Optical Disc Archive and SxS cards.

    * Requires PWS-4400 Version 1.4 and PWA-MGW1B Video Transcode Option.

  • An another option to control the PWS-4400

    Simple and intuitive control of PWS-4400 using the new PWA-RCT1 Record Control Software, which can trigger rec/stop/play/file transfer from a PC would add operational flexibility to the PWS-4400 opens up the new applications for the PWS-4400 as a useful multi-port 4K/HD recorder.

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