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Media Backbone Hive is the multi award-winning news production system that can streamline every broadcaster’s workflow – boosting efficiency and driving down operational costs, with the flexibility to respond profitably to fresh opportunities. Supporting all phases of your familiar news workflow – from acquisition and production through to delivery and archive. Integrating with your current systems and processes, it’s readily scalable to support the most ambitious vision for tomorrow’s news.


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Smarter, more efficient collaboration

Media Backbone Hive lets online, TV and radio news teams access shared content – any place, any time. Once material’s been ingested, it’s available immediately to all team members, including mobile journalists and field-based reporters. It’s smarter, quicker and more efficient than conventional ‘siloed’ news operations – reducing costly duplication of effort and cutting the need for separate systems and technology while allowing tighter collaboration.

Seamless workflow from field to newsroom

Media Backbone Hive’s powerful planning tools automatically send assignments out to news crews or mobile journalists. Captured video content in any format is intelligently routed wherever it’s needed, with proxies instantly available to all users. Newsroom systems are continually updated, linking metadata to news content. Journalists can quickly search the entire newsroom system to find what they need, either archived content or material arriving right at that moment.

Harness the power of the cloud, your way

Media Backbone Hive can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. It’s built around distributed services architecture, so it’s easy to deploy different elements as needed at any location to meet cost, bandwidth and other operational requirements. Broadcasters can pick the approach that’s best for them - giving the resilience and flexibility that’s vital for modern news production.

Responsive to your needs

The latest updates to Media Backbone Hive help news teams create and distribute stories even faster and more efficiently. Remote production is enhanced with a new freestanding editor for field-based journalists. Integration with Adobe Premiere is enhanced for seamless exchange of project files. And via open APIs, news organisations can deepen the exciting capabilities of Media Backbone Hive through integration with their own tools and applications.

Try new approaches, without the risks

The inherent scalability and flexibility of Media Backbone Hive offers an ideal environment for news organisations to build temporary applications supporting specific events like sports or political events. It’s a type of agile prototyping – allowing broadcasters to try new approaches at low cost, and measure their success before committing to further development.




We’ve been bringing innovation to news production for more than 20 years. And today we work with some of the world's largest broadcasters to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s evolving media environment.



Media Backbone Hive helps you engage audiences across multiple platforms with unprecedented speed and agility. Based on a powerful, freely scalable unified content platform, it can be deployed on‑premise, in the cloud or a combination of the two. Field-based journalists, producers and editors can collaborate from anywhere in the world, pooling material and tailoring stories for online, social, TV and radio audiences. With fewer silos. And less duplication of precious production resources.


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