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Journey through IFSEC - Stand G600

Sony security solutions deliver greater clarity in all manner of environments and at IFSEC we’ll introduce future 4k security opportunities and take you on a journey of security installations seen in day to day life.

Journey through IFSEC - Stand G600

The 4K Theatre

Visit the 4K Theatre. Here we will explore the future of video security and the part 4k will have to play in this.

4K is the latest evolution in imaging technology. With a resolution four times higher than Full HD (1080p) resolution, it provides much more detailed and better clarity than current security solutions. What impact will this further increase in clarity mean for video security?

Learn more about what 4K means for video security here.

Join us on a typical working day and explore how ony, supported by key partners, offer complete solutions for key markets: transportation, retail, banking and city surveillance.

The commute

Most days begin with a commute to work, and with the introduction of our new X-Series on-board transportation cameras passengers and possessions are watched over by these discrete, rugged HD IP cameras.

Inside the confines of a moving vehicle you’ll find some big challenges for any video security camera. It’s a tough environment: installation space is typically limited, while vibration, vandals and rapidly-changing light levels all pose a challenge for a security installation.

Visit our very own train installation to learn just how well our X-Series cameras cope in this environment thanks to features like their built in image stabilizer and Dynamic Light Response technology which combats rapidly changing light levels.And see first-hand how our transportation cameras work with Teleste video management systems.

Head out of the train and through the station where you will see how the Sony range further supports road and track side surveillance with rugged outdoor PTZ cameras, before heading on the rest of your journey.

The coffee stop

As well as highlighting how Sony’s extensive range of cameras offer different solutions to suit the varying requirements and budgets of retailers, why not grab a coffee just as you may do on route to the office.

Retail environments vary from loading bays, warehouses, to entrances and shop floors so there can be vast areas to watch over with a security solution. The Sony SNC-HM662 hemispheric camera gives all round awareness and reduces the number of cameras needed on-site, saving money and installation time whilst avoiding blind spots.

Learn more about this camera and our C-Series cameras in the retail area. Compact, affordable yet powerful, their crisp HD images and 120 degree viewing angle make them ideal for smaller retailers, restaurants or anyone who wants to pay less without compromising on quality. Or the SNC-XM631, indoor minidome, the newest model added to the Sony range. Its113° wide viewing angle, IK10 vandal resistant rating and its compact form make it ideal for capturing Full HD footage discretely in a retail environment.

Visiting the bank

Whether working, managing or visiting a banking environment, safety and crime prevention are a primary concern for all. With the hundreds of sites to monitor, banks need affordable, reliable solutions to watch over ATMs, transactions and capture clear images of individuals.

Visit the Sony vault to see how Sony cameras and Milestone system integration offer a quality solution to watch over ATMs and to explore the wider range of cameras to suite bank interiors, such as the compact, affordable E-series which offers premium picture quality without blowing the budget.

Our banking area will also host two dedicated demonstration areas. Within this hands on areas you’ll see first-hand how Sony’s market leading technologies deliver excellent image quality in all lighting conditions.

The safer street

 Cities and streets in which we live and work make for complex environments to manage video security solutions. Weather is a key challenge, from foggy mornings to blustery days there are plenty of factors which can impact capturing a clear view of what’s happening.

Sony’s multi-award winning SNC-WR632 will be put through its paces on the show floor as we recreate that blustery day and show just why this outdoor PTZ is so popular.

We’ll also be showcasing our partnership with OWLS AG, whose OWLS ATHINA CCTV System combines their LED street light system with Sony PTZ cameras to offer a unique outdoor wireless security and lighting solution with optional additional analytic features from Cogvis.

Learn how this partnership is already delivering safe city solutions here.

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