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Visual entertainment inspires in 4K

Entertain your audiences with 4K – the only choice for awe-inspiring, detailed pictures. Sony introduced the world’s first commercial 4K projector, using our own SXRD technology for immersive, true-to-life images with 4096 x 2160 resolution. Today, all our 4K visualisation projector deliver extraordinary contrast, uniformity and colour accuracy in a wide range of entertainment applications, from museums, galleries and planetariums to theme parks and visitor attractions.

Visual entertainment inspires in 4K

Bring visitors closer in museums and galleries

With four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K projection gives visitors to museums and galleries so much more detail. Even up close to the screen there are no pixels in sight – just flawlessly rendered, richly coloured images.

A new dimension of detail for planetariums

4K delivers a deeper visual experience in 2D and 3D over a planetarium’s huge visual field. Jagged edges and individual pixels vanish, giving audiences an awe-inspiring view of the cosmos. You’re in good company with our specialist integrators who can bring the biggest vision to life.

More excitement for theme parks and visitor attractions

Big thrills demand big pictures. Ordinary projection in Full HD can mean a pixelated, unsatisfying experience. But with 4K your visitors can enjoy a seamlessly immersive ride, even close-up. Theme park guests also enjoy superior 3D: Sony’s dual lens system delivers continuous images for both eyes, with no jarring triple-flash effects.

Bigger games at sports bars

Sports bars and casinos need to project an immersive, super-size experience that patrons can’t get at home. 4K projection makes the big game even bigger: use the entire screen, or simultaneously show four different game feeds in Full HD resolution. Add value by projecting your own branding or display live odds.

Grab attention in large public venues

Digital projection in big venues often sees the front rows looking up at jagged, pixilated pictures. 4K means an on-screen resolution of 4096 x 2160 to ensure smoother, sharper images for every member of your audience.

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