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Streaming and recording with Sony visual communication systems

Sony’s latest visual communication systems include the capability to send video to hundreds of users at once and to record video conference calls.

Streaming and recording with Sony visual communication systems

Large organisations often find it difficult to get information to multiple recipients across various locations quickly and in a way that will make them sit up and pay attention.

For communications like staff briefings, internal product launches and training updates, engaging video streamed directly to employees’ PCs is much more likely to capture their interest than simple emails and attachments.

Live streaming with Sony video conferencing systems

Several of the latest Sony visual communication systems offer video streaming. These include the PCS-XA55, PCS-XG55 (and XG55S), PCS-XG80 (and XG80S) and the PCS-XL55.

This makes it possible to send video and audio live from the video conferencing system to every computer across the business. The only proviso is that the organisation’s computers and routers must be configured to the multicast IP streaming standard agreed in the 1980s.

Streaming video to hundreds or even thousands of individual viewers using multicasting uses very little bandwidth thanks to the compressed MPEG-4 (MP4) format video stream.

Meeting minutes made easy with Sony visual communication systems

Many crucial business decisions are now made via video conferencing. However in video conference sessions there often isn’t a secretary present to take minutes. The recording capability of some of our latest video conferencing systems provides the perfect solution.

Our PCS-XA55, PCS-XG55 (and XG55S), PCS-XG80 (and XG80S) and PCS-XL55 all incorporate the recording option, which saves the content of a video conference call onto a memory stick in MP4 format. Either the recording can be kept for future reference and sharing, or an employee can refer back to it after the meeting and make a note of the key points.

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