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Workflow solution builds lasting partnership with Telemadrid

Spanish regional broadcaster Telemadrid became the first Spanish regional broadcaster to begin Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) in 2001. It was also the first regional broadcaster to adopt a networked production environment. Having used our NewsBase system continuously for over 11 years, Telemadrid turned to Sony incorporate new technologies such as XDCAM file production, HD broadcasting, multiplatform distribution and a rich metadata archive system.

Workflow solution builds lasting partnership with Telemadrid

One challenge leads to another

The original opportunity to implement a networked production environment and single workflow was driven by Telemadrid’s move to a new building. The move allowed the organisation to create a new system that used server-based technology, with an integrated software management system leading to a streamlined and efficient end-to-end workflow.Integration with Telemadrid’s archive was key to the project.

Two further challenges, however, appeared over time. First, Telemadrid had to move from SD to HD operation in its production environment, and then they had to accurately manage and control an increased amount of metadata.

Over 10 years of adding value

The original newsroom system we installed in 1999 was a customised, expanded configuration to accommodate Telemadrid’s unique requirements. At the time, Windows NT 3.5.1 was the default operating system and since then we have supported a further five iterations of Microsoft’s professional operating systems for Telemadrid. We have added extra clients and capacity, moved the company from 8-port to 12-port video servers and upgraded the entire low resolution, IT-based infrastructure.

Delivering total solutions

At the time of installation, our NewsBase was a pioneering workflow solution combining the best of AV and IT technologies. But we delivered more than just the technology. The total Sony solution encompassed hardware, software, training and after-sales support.

Using the system today, staff are still able to create news and magazine packages quickly, accurately and efficiently with its user-friendly tools, efficient workflow and tight integration with the other applications at Telemadrid. The entire production environment continues to benefit from the streamlined workflow which remains a major worldwide example of best practise.

The value of long-term partnerships

Telemadrid initially selected Sony for our NewsBase networked production solution, allied to our ability to create quick and flexible archive access. Over the years, however, Telemadrid’s ability to rely on Sony training and support services has ensured that its initial investment has continued to generate a steady return.

As a worldwide best practise example of a networked production environment, Telemadrid has extracted excellent value from both the platform and our support services, building a strong relationship between the two companies that continues to bring benefits.